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Donald Vann
Donald Vann offers beautiful Fine Native American Art, Western Art, and Wildlife Art prints and posters that are available from Native American Expressions. We invite you to browse all of Donald Vann 's Fine Art. Donald Vann 's beautiful art work is also available custom framed by our professional framing staff.

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Art Special

Along the Boundary Waters
"Along the Boundary Waters"

Ancestral Spirits
"Ancestral Spirits"

At the Dance
"At the Dance"

Brings the Pipe
"Brings the Pipe"


Canyon Lake
"Canyon Lake"

Cherokee Heritage
"Cherokee Heritage"

Cherokee Legacy
"Cherokee Legacy"

Cherokee Tribute
"Cherokee Tribute"

Dance of the Little People
"Dance of the Little People"

End of the Day
"End of the Day"

Evening on the Washita
"Evening on the Washita"

Evening Reflection
"Evening Reflection"

Following the Evening Star
"Following the Evening Star"

Friendships Renewed
"Friendships Renewed"

Gathering of Nations
"Gathering of Nations"

Guiding Light
"Guiding Light"

High Country Fall
"High Country Fall"

High Country Spring
"High Country Spring"

High Country Summer
"High Country Summer"

High Country Winter
"High Country Winter"

Into the Spirit Realm
"Into the Spirit Realm"

Just One More
"Just One More"

Keeping Watch
"Keeping Watch"

Kindred Warrior
"Kindred Warrior"

Land of Bright Promise
"Land of Bright Promise"

Leaving the Memories
"Leaving the Memories"

Lone Buffalo
"Lone Buffalo"

Men with Broken Hearts
"Men with Broken Hearts"

Messenger of the Spirit World
"Messenger of the Spirit World"

Moving West
"Moving West"

Mystic Vision
"Mystic Vision"


On Sacred Ground
"On Sacred Ground"

On the Buffalo Trail
"On the Buffalo Trail"

Prairie Sunset
"Prairie Sunset"

Rainbow Bridge
"Rainbow Bridge"

Return of the Raven
"Return of the Raven"

Running for Cover
"Running for Cover"

Sacred Moment
"Sacred Moment"

Sacred Realm
"Sacred Realm"

Smoky Mountain Sunrise
"Smoky Mountain Sunrise"


Souls of Yesterday
"Souls of Yesterday"

Sovereigns of the Blue Ridge
"Sovereigns of the Blue Ridge"

Spirit of the Plains
"Spirit of the Plains"

Spirit of the Rockies
"Spirit of the Rockies"

Spirits of the Forest
"Spirits of the Forest"

Spring Visitors
"Spring Visitors"

Sunset Thoughts
"Sunset Thoughts"

Suspicious Sign
"Suspicious Sign"

The Arrival
"The Arrival"

The Blessing
"The Blessing"

The Ceremony
"The Ceremony"

The Crossing
"The Crossing"

The Fulfillment
"The Fulfillment"

The Gathering
"The Gathering"

The Gift
"The Gift"

The Land Beyond
"The Land Beyond"

The Mystery
"The Mystery"

The Patriots
"The Patriots"

The Providers I
"The Providers I"

The Providers II
"The Providers II"

The Vision
"The Vision"

The Witness
"The Witness"

Trail When They Cried
"Trail When They Cried"

Vision Seeker
"Vision Seeker"

We Fight No More Forever
"We Fight No More Forever"

When Spirits Weep
"When Spirits Weep"


Winter Camp
"Winter Camp"

Winter Crossing
"Winter Crossing"

Wisdom Keepers
"Wisdom Keepers"

Sacred Emblems
"Sacred Emblems"

Traditional Dancer
"Traditional Dancer"

Majestic One
"Majestic One"

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